Making macrame

 macrame owls by Jolanta Surma

Aren't they beautiful? Jolanta has been focusing on creative macrame for a long time. I have been doing macrame longer than her but only do simple cords that children can learn. (I don't have a lot of patience)

I keep to easy to complete knotting like the hemp cord on this real 4 leaf clover pendant.
If you would like instructions, online, for beginner's macrame please visit Elaine's site.

WHAT IS MACRAME? A type of textile-making using knotting of threads. The main knots used are the full hitch and double half hitches and the square knot.
Macrame was done as long ago as the 13th-century when Arab weavers knotted the end threads on rugs, towels and shawls.


  1. those owls are just terrific, love the clover necklace too.

  2. Thanks for dropping in Kirsty - they are amazing and also featured at Craft-Chronicles. I saw your little seed boats there too.

  3. I have fond childhood memories of macrame. I like the idea of helping my daughter make a pendant cord. thanks for the inspitaion :-)