Creating a lizard garden

Design and create a lizard attracting garden for your home or school:
Blue-tongue lizard, Skinks and Geckoes love native plants, rocks and leaf mulch and large pieces of broken bark.

Materials needed:
  • sunny position.
  • well drained, weeded soil
  • mulch
  • grasses such as Common Wallaby Grass and Tussock Grass
  •  gardening tools
  • bark and logs

Search for participating garden centres in your local area that have native plants.
Wildscape is a great resource to help you create your lizard garden if you are in Victoria.
Flora for Fauna all states, also a great resource funded by the National Heritage Trust.


  1. Great! We will do some of this once the rain stops I think! I am sure we have lots living in their homes on our block, but the boys will have fun building one nearer the house! xx

  2. Such a wonderful idea for all kinds of outdoor experiences and learning