Earth Day for children

Please make "Earth Day" every day.
Children need to be in the natural world.

In my father's day nobody would have to say this as it was just understood that kids played outdoors for most of the day. Growing up in country Australia he and his brother tell of days running around the creek and back yard, making boats and never wanting to go inside even when they were called. Inside was for the "old people"!

When I look back, on my life, I do not remember rooms and games played inside - the things vivid in my memory are parks and walks with grandad and making daisy chains and going on family picnics and playing cricket with the grown ups.

Now there are surveys and books and research and evidenced based reasons why children need outdoors. There are forest kindergartens in Europe and many good sites about outdoor play.

Here are a few sites I enjoy:
early play outdoors - outdoor activity ideas for preschoolers by Lesley at early play.
I'm a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here! by an outdoor learning consultant in Scotland.
The Children & Nature Network building a movement to reconnect children with nature.
Natural Teachers Network
Little eyes on nature introducing nature to young children at Montessori enviro pre-schools in New Zealand.
Let the Children Play by an early childhood teacher at a progressive preschool in Australia.

Learning for Life by Kierna in Northern Ireland - no such thing as bad weather!

Help prevent Nature Deficit Disorder - let's get outdoors and play.

Natural Playground Co Design

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