Sorry could not resist the title - HAPPY WATTLE DAY

Here are some suggestions to do on the first day of spring with children:
Greet everyone with a "Happy Wattle Day!"
Have a bunch or two around the room in vases.
Go on a walk to view some local wattle trees.
Learn a new rhyme-
Golden Wattle, fairy stuff
Little balls of yellow fluff
Hear the bees how loud they hum
To say they're glad that Spring is come

When the stars begin to peep
Then the wattle falls asleep
Like a tired child in bed
It droops its pretty curly head

Sing the song -
We're proud to wear the Green and Gold,
Live the Spirit of Australia,
We welcome Spring on Wattle Day,
From coast to coast, let's all say G'Day.

Rest of song and MP3 download
Put out green and gold, paint and crayons and explain the colours of Australia.
Have picnic lunch underneath a wattle tree.
Check out What You Can Do ideas for older children at school from the Wattle Day Association.

 Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha)
Burnley Gardens, Victoria, Australia
Thanks Melburnian via Wikipedia

1st photo at Toowoomba Queensland thanks to
EzykronHD via Wikipedia

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