Good for baby, good for environment

When its time to start introducing solids to your baby, what is good for your baby is also good for the environment.  Most fruit and vegetables are easy for baby to digest.

Researchers at 3 universities in England discovered that babies who were given home-cooked fruit and vegetables were eating higher amounts of fruit and vegetables at the age of seven than those given home-cooked meals less often.
  • Use fresh local in season fruit and vegetables.
  • Store food you prepare in reusable containers.
  • Reduce the use of packaging as much as possible: some fruits come in their own packaging like bananas, which are a great first food and full of potassium.
  • If you buy prepared food, look for organic baby food that is sold in glass jars that you can re-use.
  • Use wet face washers to clean baby's face and hands, instead of baby wipes.
  • When out take a wet washer in a container to use for cleaning up baby.
Suggestions for first foods:
pumpkin, sweet potato, avocado, carrots, banana, pear.

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