Never throw away unwanted crayons again!
    There are 2 ways to make crayons:
    1. In the oven in muffin tins
    2. Heat the wax and set in chocolate molds, plaster molds or ice cube containers
    In both methods you need to peel any paper off the old broken crayons, with children helping and sort the crayons into colours.
1. Place muffin liners in the muffin tins.
Half fill muffin tins loosely with crayons.
Add glitter into the wax if you like.
Place muffin tins into a 250  degrees Fahrenheit oven.
Watch carefully
The crayon pieces will start to melt after 5 minutes.
Remove the muffin tin immediately when the pieces melt.
Let then cool completely before touching and emptying out.

2. Place different coloured crayons into separate microwave safe cups or bowls.
Microwave for about 4 minutes.
Place newspaper under molds.
Pour the hot wax into the molds.
Let it set for 10 minutes.
Place into the freezer for about fifteen minutes.
When the wax cools it pops out easily from the molds

If you do not want to make your own you can purchase recycled crayons at Crazy Crayons

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