Great new apron idea

Help make a difference in the kitchen and the environment! Keep little hands clean while baking, and use no paper towel. A unique tear away tea towel is attached for both purposes.

Also, can be used to keep hands clean at craft time. Simply wet the tea towel so kids can wipe gluey hands all by themselves! Again, you eliminate paper towel usage and keep kids clean.

For the adventurous boys... or tomboys! This apron has a Camo panel cover. Has black trim.
Ties in the back.  Size small (ages 2-5 approx). See more at Lootz Designs.

If you are in Vancouver, Canada, Shop Cocoon 3345 Cambie Street is having a can drive for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society and will give you 10% off any apron.

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  1. what a great idea - I shall recommend them to my playgroup for next year.